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  1. Prof. at University of Bonn, Germany. MSc in Agric. Economics, PhD in Economics Organizer of annual conference 'International Forum on System Dynamics and Innovation in Food Networks' ( Editor 'Intern. Journal on Food System Dynamics' (
  2. Living Lab/ FAB Lab
  3. Asesoría, Consultoría, Docencia e Investigación en aplicaciones, análisis y desarrollo de Trazabilidad y GeoTrazabilidad Miembro del Grupo Técnico Funcional de Agricultura Familiar de la Organización de Naciones Unidas (…
  4. Global Director, Knowledge for Development. PhD (Ruminant Nutrition). Areas of expertise: Innovation systems approaches, outcome mapping, FPTR, discovery learning, and understanding/facilitating multi- stakeholder processes. Design, implementation and management of research and development projects…
  5. Gestión para el Desarrollo Local Comunitario Emprendimientos AgroIndustrias Rurales AgroEcoTurismo
  6. Working in web communication in the international food policy arena.
  7. O. Ramones
  8. See
  9. I will edit later
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