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Event: The regional consultation for Africa will be held as an e-consultation.

Date: 28-29 April 2016

Location: Online on the CGIAR GCARD3 website - follow the links for each of the three themes below.

Organisers: This regional consultation is organised by FARA in collaboration with GFAR and CGIAR as part of the broader GCARD3 process.

Process: There will be three key themes addressed in this consultation, each of which has a page for comments and ideas to be provided: Please click on the title of any of the themes below to engage in the consultation.

Theme 1. African continental policies, frameworks and initiatives - moderator Emmuel Tambi, FARA

such as CAADP, Malabo Declaration on Accelerated African Agricultural Growth and Transformation, Science Agenda for Agriculture in Africa, the AfDB’s Feeding Africa initiative, Science Technology and Innovation Strategy for Africa (STISA).

  • How do respondents rate their familiarity with these frameworks?
  • Do these frameworks sufficiently capture the changes required to accelerate the transformation of agriculture in Africa?
  • What are the conditions for successful implementation of these frameworks?
  • How can the respondents and their organisations contribute to successful implementation of these frameworks?

Theme 2. Africa taking advantage of science to address its agriculture development challenges -moderator Kwesi Atta-Krah, CGIAR

  • What are the main agriculture development challenges for Africa; what are the main opportunities?
  • How effectively is Africa making use of Science to address these challenges and take advantage of the opportunities?
  • What should Africa do to increase the application of science in addressing its agriculture development challenges and opportunities
  • How can global organisations like the CGIAR contribute to this effort?

Theme 3. Increasing the impact of the CGIAR and other international agriculture research organisations in Africa - moderator Harry Palmier, GFAR

  • Perception about the impact of CGIAR’s work in Africa; what are the three most significant impacts attributed to the CGIAR.
  • Going forward what outcomes and impacts should the CGIAR and other international actors in agricultural research in Africa be aiming for?
  • What changes are required to increase the impact of the CGIAR’s work in Africa with regard to:

- Identification of the priorities on which the CGIAR’s work is focused

- Alignment of the CGIAR’s agenda with national, sub-regional and continent-wide agricultural research agenda

- Relationships among the various CGIAR centres and programmes, other supra-national research actors and national actors;

- Implementation of the CGIAR research programmes and projects

- Tracking and reporting the outcomes and impacts (for accountability as well as advocacy for increased support to research and innovation)