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INCO-DEV is a specific programme for S&T cooperation in Research for development with
developing countries (, a part of the European Framework programme
for RTD, which is the instrument for implementation of the European research policy.
The objectives of this programme are to:
1. tackle the challenges faced by DCs, and which derive from their particular conditions and
adjustments to recent global trends.
2. mobilize the European S&T community jointly with DC research teams.
3. use RTD cooperation to support community development cooperation policy which fosters
the sustainable economic and social development of the DCs, the smooth and gradual
integration of the developing countries into the world economy, and the campaigns against
poverty in DCs.
This will strengthen and add value to ongoing research in Europe and DC centres, reduce
isolation of DC scientists and allow them to work at an international level while working in
their own institutions, and provide training opportunities.

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