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This report comprises the final and complete narrative report on the activities, results and achievements of the Global Forum on Agricultural Research and Innovation (GFAR), under EU Contract DCI-FOOD/2013/334-913. Over the project period, and through the financial support received from the EU, GFAR has developed into a vibrant and unique movement for change in agri-food research and innovation for their greater impact in development. GFAR is now made up of over 620 self-committing organizations, from across all 13 stakeholder sectors in agricultural research and innovation. Transparent governance reform, based on an external review and extensive consultation, has created an innovative and truly representative partnership, by which all stakeholders are equitably involved, from grassroots to global organizations. The direct election of GFAR Steering Committee representatives, each accountable to their sector, was a totally new approach and this model has now inspired change in other research and innovation fora, with EU sponsorship and technical support through GFAR Secretariat. Encapsulating GFAR’s reformed role in encompassing the full range of actors in agri-food innovation, GFAR has now been renamed the Global Forum on Agricultural Research and Innovation, with a new Mission, Vision and Charter of operation agreed and endorsed by stakeholders across the spectrum of institutions concerned.

Global Forum on Agricultural Research and Innovation
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