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Small-scale women, men, and young family farmers from 13 organizations in 9 countries, members and partners of the Asian Farmers Association for Sustainable Rural Development (AFA), have participated in the survey, focus group discussions, and experience sharing on digital agriculture. In this document they discuss the situation, challenges, and recommendations on digital agriculture.
In 2022, AFA partnered with the Global Forum on Agricultural Research and Innovation (GFAR) and the Asia-Pacific Association of Agricultural Research Institutions (APAARI), to define their perspectives on Digital Agriculture. With GFAR’s support, they were able to conduct a desk review, the Farmers’ Perception Survey, participated in by 372 farmers from 12 Farmers’ Organizations in nine countries (Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Mongolia, Nepal, and the Philippines) and focus group discussions, which was the basis of the content of this call for action. The survey results were presented and validated during a regional consultation, the latter also with GFAR’s support. 

Asian Farmers Association for Sustainable Rural Development
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