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The movement to share data has been on the rise in the last decade and lately in the agricultural domain. Similarly platforms for publishing scientific and sta-tistical datasets have sprouted and have improved visibility and availability of datasets. Yet there are still constraints in making datasets discoverable and re-usable. Commonly agreed semantics, authority lists to index datasets and stand-ard formats and protocols to expose data are now essential. This paper explains how the CIARD RING provides a global linked data catalog of datasets for ag-riculture. The first part of this paper will describe the Linked Data layer of the CIARD RING focusing on the data model, semantics used and the CIARD RING LOD publication. The second part will provide examples of re-use of da-ta from the RING. The paper concludes by describing the future steps in the de-velopment of the CIARD RING.

Pesce, Valeria; Maru, Ajit; Archer, Phil; Malapela, Thembani; Keizer, Johannes
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