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The current absence of a Global NARS Consortium (GNC) highlights a critical issue within the field of agricultural research and development. While National Agricultural Research Systems (NARS) play a vital role in driving innovation and sustainable practices at the national level, their collective global voice remains fragmented and dispersed. The lack of a unified platform hinders their ability to address global challenges, share knowledge, and advocate for their needs on the international stage. Recognizing the urgent need for a cohesive and empowered NARS community, the establishment of the GNC within the Global Forum on Agricultural Research (GFAR) becomes imperative. By creating the GNC, NARS stakeholders can leverage collective strengths, enhance their influence, pool resources, and promote collaboration to effectively address the rapidly changing global context and ensure the sustainable development of agricultural research worldwide.

Through the establishment and operationalization of the GNC, GFAR and its partners aim to strengthen and revitalize NARS, ensuring their global representation and influence in the ever-evolving field of agricultural research and development.

GFAR Secretariat
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