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About the conference

The African Organic Network (AfrONet), an umbrella body of organic agriculture actors in Africa representing the National and Regional Organic Agriculture Movements (NOAMs/ROAMs) is organizing the 5th African Organic Conference (AOC) in Kigali, Rwanda for four (4) days from December 12 - 15, 2023 in collaboration with the organic agriculture actors in Africa, the African Union Commission and other strategic organizations outside Africa. The multi-stakeholder-event shall be concluded with the General Assembly of the Network.

The AOC is held every 3 years. The 4th AOC was held in November 2018 at Sally, Senegal. The 3rd AOC was held in Lagos, Nigeria in October 2015. The 2nd AOC was in Lusaka, Zambia in May 2012 while the 1st AOC was held in Kampala, Uganda in 2009. The 5th AOC (5AOC) which was scheduled to be held in Marrakesh, Morocco in November 2021, could not be convened due to circumstances beyond our control. Enforcing the resolution of the 4th AOC, the Board of AfrONet gave Rwanda Organic Agriculture Movement (ROAM), as a run-up to FIMABio of Morocco to host the 5th AOC. At an Extraordinary virtual General Assembly of AfrONet members in March 2023, the 5th AOC was rescheduled to hold in Kigali, Rwanda from 12 - 15 December 2023. Rwanda Organic Agriculture Movement is hosting the event in Rwanda on behalf of AfrONet in both physical and virtual modes.

Duration and venue of the Conference

The 5th AOC shall be held for three days from 12 - 15 December, 2023 with the last day reserved for regional side events and the General Assembly of AfrONet.

Theme and Nature of the Conference

Strengthening Resilient and Sustainable Food Systems in Africa through Organic Agriculture”.

The first two days of the conference shall constitute information exchange through presentations covering various topics. These will be presented in the Policy, Farmers’, Value Chain and Marketing, and Research Tracks. The third day will be dedicated to field visits to renowned organic farms, value addition, marketing, and other facilities, as well as side meetings. The fourth day will be reserved for the AfrONet General Assembly. 

More on the conference here.

2023-11-12 - 2023-11-15