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e-converation on digitalization and agroeology

On Monday 17 July, the Digital Agri Hub is launching a new e-mail-based conversation on a topic which was identified as highly interesting by members of the D4Ag community via an online survey conducted during the month of June. The exchanges, co-organized by GFAR, the University of British Columbia, the Agroecology Coalition and the Digital Agri Hub will be hosted on the Digitalisation for Agriculture or D4Ag dgroup. Digests will be re-posted daily on the FAO e-agriculture platform.

The forthcoming e-conversation will focus on the compatibility of two narratives or world views regarding digital technologies and agroecology, one believing that digitalisation can help transform agriculture in a sustainable and fair way, and a second one, quite strong among agroecology advocates, fearing that digital technologies prioritize productivity over ecological considerations, perpetuate the concentration of power in the hands of a few big corporate actors, and devalue farmers’ knowledge. 

Each e-conversation topic is framed via an initial message posted on the D4Ag group to kickstart the reflections.

Summaries of previous e-conversations are available on the D4Ag dgroup’s wiki (login required) or on The Hub events’ page.

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Instructions on how the e-conversations work are here:

GFAR co-organizes this event in the context of the Collective Action on Inclusive Digital Transformation of Agriculture.


2023-07-17 - 2023-07-28