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GFAR is set to actively engage in the upcoming 8th Africa and Agribusiness Science Week in Durban, South Africa taking place from 5th - 8th June. As an integral part of this distinguished event, we extend a warm invitation to all attendees to visit our booth, number 27, during the week.

We have curated a diverse range of engaging events and activities throughout the week, designed to foster discussions, facilitate knowledge sharing, and provide valuable collaborative opportunities. Please find below a list of the events organized by GFAR:


GFAR Steering Committee Meeting

1400 – 1700 SAST (HYBRID)


1. GFAR- Prolinnova Innovation Survey Analysis

1400 – 1500 SAST

Join us for an exciting side event that unveils the results of the innovation survey conducted among members of the global Prolinnova network, in collaboration with GFAR.

2. Mainstreaming land rights of the rural poor in the climate discourse

1400 – 1500 SAST

Join us for an impactful side event aimed at enhancing public awareness of the critical connections between climate change, disasters, and land tenure rights. We are determined to bring land tenure issues to the forefront of the climate change discourse, amplifying the voices of civil society and youth.

3. Partnership Principles

1500 – 1600 SAST

Discover the key to fostering fair and equal collaboration in research partnerships at this side event, where GFAR, the Swiss Academy of Science/Swiss Commission for Research Partnerships (KFPE), IDS, and Prolinnova unite to unveil a set of criteria defining participatory research partnerships, igniting a global movement towards overcoming power imbalances and driving innovation forward, with the potential to unlock the transformative power of co-research and co-innovation in achieving the SDGs.

4. Regional responses to challenges to soil fertility and Sustainability: exploring alternatives to chemical fertilizers with a focus on Agroecology

1510 – 1610 SAST

Join us as we unveil the conclusions from GFAR’s webinar, where regional responses to challenges in soil fertility and sustainability were discussed. Explore innovative alternatives to chemical fertilizers, with a dedicated focus on Agroecology and gain feedback on the outcomes of the highly acclaimed GFAR webinar held in February 2023, which drew over 360 participants. This event is your opportunity to contribute to charting a path forward, identifying alternatives to chemical fertilizers, specifically Agroecology.

5. The role of Science and Innovation in implementing the UN Food Systems National Pathways

1615 – 1715 SAST

Don’t miss out on this transformative GFAR side event where we aim to share vital conclusions with a diverse range of participants from across all regions. Engage in insightful discussions on the outcomes and implications of the FSS (Food Systems Summit), with a specific focus on how GFAR Regional Fora and members can actively contribute to catalyzing innovation and research, fostering the development of national pathways. Be at the forefront of shaping the future of food systems by joining us and lending your expertise to this important dialogue.


1. Knowledge Management, Digitalization and Youth Entrepreneurship

1100-1300 SAST
Join this lively parallel session co-organized by IFAD, COLEAD, GFAR, YPARD, FARA, DeSIRA LIFT discussing youth entrepreneurship in agriculture and their special contribution to the digital transformation of agriculture.

2. Forgotten Food: Mainstreaming Forgotten Food into Africa Food System: What are the Next Big Things?

1600 – 1800 SAST
Discover the untapped potential of forgotten crops to tackle food security, create jobs, and enhance biodiversity throughout the continent. Be part of the conversation and drive actionable solutions for integrating these vital foods into Africa’s food system. Join this FARA and Bioversity-CIAT side event to learn more.

2023-06-05 - 2023-06-07