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Competing claims on energy: Access and benefit sharing 

Energy poses multiple challenges for developing countries. Energy supply is not keeping up with growing demand. Universal access to adequate energy services is slow to be realised. The production and use of fuels as well as the generation of electricity expose the environment and populations to high risks. 

In addition to these challenges, climate change directly links energy, environment and development, putting additional constraints on both developing and developed countries. Industrialised nations contribute the most to global CO2 emissions, whereas developing countries are expected to suffer the most from the impacts of climate change. This calls for new mechanisms to enable nations to share responsibility for mitigating climate change through a transformation of the energy system that at the same time preserves the economic prospects of the developing world. 

The joint conference of the Energy Science Center and the North-South Centre will address these challenges for the global energy system from the perspective  of developing countries. The conference will highlight and explore  pathways to sustainable energy systems in developing countries, in particular harnessing renewable energy sources and improving energy efficiency. It will  also address mechanisms of access and benefit sharing in the context of energy and climate change.

To download the PDF for the Conference, please visit the following link:
2009-09-09 - 2009-09-10