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WASWAC World Conference III: "new challenges and strategies of soil and water conservation" will be on the theme of new challenges and strategies of soil and water conservation in the changing world and sustainable management of soil and water resources. WASWAC invites interested individuals to submit papers. Selected papers could be published in International Soil and Water Conservation Research (ISWCR), Bulletin of Forestry, or other journals.

Perceived wisdom in the approach to evaluation, use and management of land resources is changing rapidly and dramatically. Past emphasis on land development focused on maximizing production and return from land use investment and planned against a background belief that suitable lands for expansion could always be found somewhere, is forced to give way to a more cautious approach - one that recognizes the finite extent of fertile land and the seemingly insatiable demands of a growing human population.

Conference topics will include: New challenges to soil and water resources in condition of climate change; Land degradation processes and mechanism; Soil and water conservation strategies to adapt and mitigate climate change; Soil and water conservation measures benefits assessment; Sustainable watershed management; Social and economic aspects and policies related to soil and water conservation; Innovations and implemented global/regional/national projects in land conservation; Education in soil and water conservation.


€300 (€200 WASWAC members, €100 students). More details from the website or contact Conference Secretariat:
 Katarina Lazarevic