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GCARD1 - Enhancing Development Impact from Research

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In March 2010 the first GCARD was held in Montpellier, France.

The GCARD1 conference was informed by a comprehensive, systematic and inclusive global consultation process, which identified key themes and issues from all the stakeholders who are actively engaged in the whole agricultural system. The public sector, national and international policy makers, agricultural Institutions, agricultural research systems managers, leaders of farmer organizations and cooperatives, Non-Government Organizations, Civil Society Organizations, Universities, Private Sector Enterprises in Agri-business and farming and investors, donors and philanthropic organizations all have a keen interest in taking forward the outputs of the conference. 

GCARD1 (2010) and addressed the following questions...

  • What are the development needs where agricultural research can play its best role?  
  • How best do we turn research in development impacts at scale?  
  • How can more effective pathways be developed to create impact for the poor? 
  • What investments, institutions, policies and capacities are necessary? 
Chaired by the World Food Prize Laureate, Dr Monty Jones, the GCARD Task Force was established to oversee the organization of the Conference and the consultations preceding it and to work with the GFAR Secretariat on the day-to-day delivery of the GCARD consultations and Conference.