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Momentum is gathering around climate change action. The impact of Australia’s worst summer of bushfires, a changing political approach globally and recent discussions about net zero emissions by 2050 have again focused attention on the issue. It is therefore timely to focus on constructive, solution-based ideas, particularly in agriculture, which in Australia, is already feeling the impact of climate change.  

The Crawford Fund and the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) are hosting a workshop to highlight exactly what farmers can do, and are doing, to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. These innovative practices are making a difference and provide strategies that could be implemented across Australia and around the world.

The workshop is a key event coinciding with the Council meeting of the Global Research Alliance (GRA) on Greenhouse Gases in Agriculture, which is chaired by Australia represented by ACIAR.  Activities of the GRA are increasingly relevant to both global and national priorities as more importance is placed on global food security and the resilience of agricultural systems. 

When: Tuesday 23 March – 2.00pm-5.15pm
How: Free and online
Register: via Eventbrite

Program: available here