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Exciting news is on the way!

The GFAR/GFAiR Hub - a new engagement platform conceived for you and driven by you is about to be launched!  

The platform will represent a safe space where GFAR’s network can prosper and grow by having GFAR Members actively engage/interact with each other! It will promote and facilitate ongoing discussions within our community (especially following GFAR events) to foster collaboration and gather your feedback – a user-friendly tool through which GFAR can promote knowledge sharing as well as pass on know-how and best practices.   

The added values that the platform will bring will contribute to establishing a new means to communicate and cooperate. By joining you would be able to:  

  • Connect with a world-wide community of agricultural actors. 

  • Share your work, experience, interests and visions through the dedicated sections. 

  • Join forces with fellow GFAR Members to address common concerns for positive impact. 

  • Participate in tailored-made group and/or one-on-one dialogues for mutual learning, collective identification of challenges and potential solutions.  

  •  Influence the agenda globally, on research and innovation in agriculture, food and rural development, through collective advocacy and providing input to policy-making processes. 

  • Actively engage with fellow GFAR Members to establish potential partnerships through the dedicated sections  

  • Access a vast document repository with key documents as well as newly updated data on ongoing projects and initiatives at a national, regional and global level in the participatory M&E section. 

  • Keep updated on GFAR projects and initiatives such as CAs to better understand how to best contribute and take action while being aware of new engagement opportunities. 

  • Better participate in GFAR governance and accountability mechanisms for the performance of CAs. 

You will be the protagonists of this new and exciting project by populating the platform as users and actively participating in the different sections of the engagement platform. Joining will be very easy and quick! Watch our video tutorial on how to register here and the GFAR/GFAiR Hub welcome video here.  

Please keep an eye on this space as well as your inbox for more information!