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In its commitment to collaboration and engagement, the Global Forum on Agricultural Research and Innovation (GFAR/GFAiR) organized the Progress and Prospects meeting on December 5, 2023. The virtual event served as a platform to update members, partners, funders and stakeholders on recent strides in GFAR's initiatives.

The meeting highlighted key developments, including the unveiling of the new engagement platform, the establishment of the Global NARS (National Agricultural Research Systems) Consortium and the strides made through Collective Actions. With a focus on progress, the event aimed to keep stakeholders informed about ongoing initiatives while presenting a roadmap for the future.

Objectives and Outcomes:

The overarching goal of the e-meeting was to foster collaboration, address common challenges and strengthen shared objectives. The specific objectives included:

Increasing Awareness on GFAR Work: The meeting provided a comprehensive overview of both core activities and emerging initiatives undertaken by GFAR. Attendees gained insights into the organization's multifaceted efforts in the agricultural research landscape.

Exploring the Future of GFAR/GFAiR: Participants delved into discussions surrounding the future trajectory of GFAR, emphasizing sustainable practices and innovative approaches in agricultural research.

Exploring Potential Collaborations: The meeting served as a forum for attendees to identify and explore potential areas of collaboration. GFAR sought to cultivate partnerships with various stakeholders, including its Secretariat, partners, members, co-facilitators and potential resource partners such as governments, aid agencies, foundations and other funders.


The event brought together the GFAR Secretariat, partners and members, along with GFAR's co-facilitators. Additionally, potential resource partners from governments, aid agencies, foundations and other funding entities were invited to participate. The inclusivity of the meeting extended to all organizations interested in GFAR and its work.

As the meeting unfolded, participants engaged in fruitful discussions, laying the groundwork for future collaborations and ensuring that GFAR continues to be a driving force in advancing agricultural research globally.

In line with GFAR's commitment to openness and collaboration, the Progress and Prospects meeting marked a significant step forward in building connections, sharing knowledge and collectively addressing challenges in the agricultural sector.

Watch the meeting's recording here.