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  1. Type of repository: it is multidisciplinary. < 5% of documents is about Agriculture and Related Sciences.
  2. Type of repository: it is thematic. 100% of documents is about Agriculture and Related Sciences Percentage of full text: 100% Our website is in process of being upgraded to support the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting. The web service will probably be available within 3…
  3. 针对对虾养殖管理、技术与信息难以到位的问题,开发对虾养殖管理信息系统(包括数据库和地理信息系统软件),收集15万亩示范区对虾养殖信息,信息实时动态管理,建立现代化对虾产业的三级信息管理体系。
  4. 水生生物种质资源平台建设就是要对我国重要的具有经济价值和和学术价值的水生生物活体资源、水生物种标本资源及种质遗传材料进行收集、整理和保存。同时, 对其性状特征及有关信息,如:分类地位、形态特征、生态习性、遗传信息、经济价值、保存利用状况等数字化,并通过计算机网络向社会提供共享服务,从而促进 我国水生生物资源的保护和利用。
  5. This database includes the information on aquatic plasm resources of living bodies, specimen,sperm, DNA. These data covers on occurence data ,biology , spawning, aquaculture technology, molecular technique .
  6. it contains updated information about prawn cultivation in 150000 acre field.
  7.   This platform combined the main algae information on biology, culture technique,process technique,market information,statitics data .This platform also provide the visual search way by GIS.
  8. 渔业与水产科学数据库整合了渔业水域资源与生态特征数据、渔业物种资源与生物基础数据、渔业生物资源野外调查数据、渔业生态环境野外调查数据、水产养殖数据、捕捞渔业及管理数据、渔业装备与设施技术数据、渔业基础设施状况数据、渔业科技与经济管理数据9类渔业科学数据。
  9. it contains hundreds of different sub databases about fishery science.
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