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I grew up in a rural community close to my grandparents’ farm. In late childhood, my parents decided to move us to the city where I often felt there was something I was missing. This sensation encouraged me to travel to the wonderful rural countryside of Peru during my vacations where I started to understand the vital connection between landscapes and human activities. Those experiences became in vocation and I decided to pursue my major in Socioeconomic Development and Environment in the Panamerican School of Agriculture, Zamorano. Therefore, as a student and professional, my work has been related with rural and indigenous communities, involved in projects which aim at the sustainable development through horticulture or forestry activities. However, in spite of the technical design behind every project, I realized those did not seem to be enough to improve the rural conditions. I could feel a lack of leadership between the stakeholders, mostly growers, to make a real difference. Therefore, I felt the strong responsibility to do something about it and in this year I started my very own social initiative called “Growing Empowerment”.