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Considering that investments in national and international research programmes/platforms in the region need to be enhanced with appropriate policy support, priority setting, and sensitization of members with appropriate success stories of other members and partners, APAARI in collaboration with IFPRI, GFAR, CAPSA, FAO and others organized a ‘High Level Policy Dialogue on Investment in Agricultural Research for Development in the Asia-Pacific Region’. The Dialogue explored the possibilities as well as modalities of mobilizing national, regional and international funding organizations and other interested donors to innovatively enhance financial and policy support for agricultural research for development, and to develop appropriate strategies and road map.

To view presentations made at the Consultation, please click here. Photos from the event can be viewed on the GFAR Flickr account here. Reflections from the event can be found at: 

Following are the engaging blog posts produced during the High Level Policy Dialogue by the GFAR-supported social media reporting team:

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