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UNFSS National Pathways: Background, process and ways GFAR regional fora and members can contribute to work planned at country level in 2023

Summary record of the webinar held on Thursday, 19 January 2023 (13.00-15.00 CET)

The webinar, organized by GFAR in collaboration with the UN Food Systems Coordination Hub, provided an overview of the conclusions of the UN Food Systems Summit (FSS) held in September 2021 and the implementation of one of its key recommendations: the development and implementation of FSS ‘national pathways*. It also outlined efforts to catalyse innovation and research to support national pathways. This informed a lively and substantive conversation among participants on what has been done to date since the FSS, what is being planned and next steps. The webinar attracted more than 250 people from 6 continents, with more than 90 people actively participating. Participants came from all GFAR constituencies and beyond, including: GFAR Regional Fora; national and regional research institutes; farmers’ and producer organizations; youth; country level officials; selected international experts and resource persons; and GFAR Steering Committee members and Secretariat. Participants highly appreciated the event and expressed interest in GFAR continuing to work on this issue, supporting efforts to address the challenges related to ensuring sustainable food systems by mobilizing its convening power and capacities for coordination across continents to support country efforts to make progress and report on achievements.

The UNFSS 2021 focused on possible solutions to a range of global challenges to make the transformative effects of food systems a driver for the achievement of the 2030 Development Agenda. The Summit concluded with an agenda to foster inclusive and transformative food systems that nourish progress to achieve zero hunger, and through this to achieve the objectives of the 2030 Agenda. The Summit recognized that there is a need to build on good practices, to invest in science and innovation, and to engage all people (particularly women and youth, Indigenous Peoples, businesses and producers) in efforts to achieve the SDGs. The Summit agreed that there is no one-size-fits-all approach, but while local contexts, approaches and perspectives may differ, food systems can and must adapt in order to realize the SDGs. It was agreed that follow-up to the Summit would build on existing efforts of countries and supporting organizations in a process to build national pathways facilitated by the UN Food Systems Coordination Hub, working with countries, supported by Resident Coordinators and UN Country Teams, with the engagement and contributions of all stakeholders.

This webinar, organized at the request of the EC and German BMZ, provided an opportunity to initiate a conversation between the Food Systems Coordination Hub, FSS national convenors, GFAR Regional Fora and members and other participants on ways in which GFAR could engage with and support the process of implementing national pathways at regional and country levels. Such engagement by GFAR members at country level could help build awareness and ownership of the national pathways, thus helping to maintain momentum in the implementation of national pathways. One key element is supporting the initiation of dialogue across Ministries to develop national strategies and pathways  

The webinar also outlined planned work, such as the stocktaking process and ways for GFAR members to support the development and implementation of FSS national pathways, building on examples from country level progress to date (e.g. Egypt). GFAR could also contribute to the FSS Stocktaking Moment, planned for July 2023.

Read the full webinar report here.

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Presentations made at the webinar are available here.

In addition, a record of participant questions and answers provided during the session and a recording of the webinar are available here.

Key background materials including on the UNFSS process include the following:

  1. Secretary-General’s Chair Summary and Statement of Action on the UN Food Systems Summit | United Nations
  2. The Food Systems Summit Dialogues Gateway: Home - Food Systems Summit Dialogues