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Civil Society Organizations/Non-governmental Organizations in agriculture, food and rural development
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Geoffrey Mulenga
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GFAR Region
Sub-Saharan Africa
2716 Pamodzi Site and Service Ndola, Copperbelt Zambia
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Dear Sir or Madam,
We are a Community School in Zambia (Lotus Flower Community School) that empower our women and support our girls’ education. Currently, we are working with women groups under our auspice within our catchment area of more than 30,000 people.

We had noticed our women required empowerment with knowledge and skills, and most importantly, they needed more for their sustainability such as startup capital, healthy related menstrual health care activities. Yet, a lot of them have HIV and AIDS. For that, they are being educated on how to live in their status through farming programs. But prevention against HIV and AIDS need more input so that once they get empowered they would be able to prevent themselves from any economical waves, thus looking for their family members, support their school going children, discrimination, nutrition and so forth.
On the program are several children, who are girls whom among them are heading homes, orphans, street kids, disabled, and we have secured them golden opportunities in school. These are highly in need of extra support such as uniforms, wheelchairs, bags, jerseys, shoes, and food and tuition fees.
It's for these reasons, indeed, that we are requesting to help, protect, empower, and give educational hope to the helpless young and old sisters by helping us with grants or resources that would be used to continue in school and empowerment programs. These are programs that are being used to cut the poverty cycle for these people, communities, national and global social economic challenges. Furthermore, we would be grateful of your support as we only count on your consideration to have our community and country sustained to development through breaking the historical, cultural and patriarchal unethical dominance that has enslaved our pearl female folks and has ravaged especially the African communities including our own Zambia which Lotus Flower Community School is working against that by promoting women and girls rights, especially pertaining to seeking on their behalf all those who have done very well at grade twelve and are lacking, the much-needed tertiary sponsorship. For that, we are requesting your wonderful organization to partner together so that small and other issues surrounding women and girls could be the issue of the past .

I thank you and remain ready for your partnership advice.

Geoffrey Mulenga