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  1. The EIAR is working RESEARCH on Agriculture. It has functional structures that would be committed for change.
  2. Project „Piloting of Strategies to Mitigate Impacts of Salinity in Horticultural Systems of Mozambique (SaliHort)“ – Promoting Saline Agriculture in Mozambique
  3. Agricultural school with 13 ha land area
  4. An ICT company interested in applications in the agricultural sector, that owns the Agricultural database platform and the Agricultural market portal
  5. Ajaoko Agritech Limited is a start-up positioning itself to be a global leader in providing smart solutions to agriculture. We have created an online platform that bridge the gab between all the major stakeholders in food and agricultural value chains. Providing farmers easy and seamless access to…
  6. Registered society of Agricultural scientist,Policy makers,Administraitrs,excetives, Agri.graduates.
  7. mKRISHI is a patented Rural Services Delivery platform offering multiple services to farmers and it's stakeholders in area of advisory, education, agribusiness, etc. We can participate to offer our ICT platform in various engagement model like for Agro, Fisheries, Livestock sector.
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