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Emerging Intitatives

The Global Forum on Agricultural Research and Innovation (GFAR) is constantly exploring and developing emerging initiatives to address the global challenges facing agriculture and food systems.

GFAR members and partners are discussing launching work in new areas leading in the direction of the following 3 focus areas:

Soil fertility and sustainability

Soil is a crucial resource for agriculture and food production, but it is often overlooked and undervalued. Soil degradation, erosion, and nutrient depletion can have devastating impacts on food security, livelihoods, and the environment. GFAR recognizes the importance of soil health, soil fertility and understanding soil biology for sustainable agriculture, and works to promote practices that conserve and enhance soil quality, such as Regenerative Agriculture.

Food security, food systems and UNFSS National Pathways

The UNFSS 2021 focused on possible solutions to a range of global challenges to make the transformative effects of food systems a driver for the achievement of the 2030 Development Agenda. The Summit concluded with an agenda to foster inclusive and transformative food systems that nourish progress to achieve zero hunger, and through this to achieve the objectives of the 2030 Agenda. The Summit recognized that there is a need to build on good practices, to invest in science and innovation, and to engage all people (particularly women and youth, Indigenous Peoples, businesses and producers) in efforts to achieve the SDGs. The Summit agreed that there is no one-size-fits-all approach, but while local contexts, approaches and perspectives may differ, food systems can and must adapt in order to realize the SDGs. It was agreed that follow-up to the Summit would build on existing efforts of countries and supporting organizations in a process to build national pathways facilitated by the UN Food Systems Coordination Hub, working with countries, supported by Resident Coordinators and UN Country Teams, with the engagement and contributions of all stakeholders.

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Focus on Africa

The Global Forum on Agricultural Research and Innovation (GFAR) collaborates with various regional fora to promote sustainable agriculture and food security worldwide. One such partnership is with the Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA), which is a leading organization dedicated to improving agricultural productivity and food security in Africa. GFAR and FARA work closely together to promote the development and implementation of effective agricultural research policies and programs in Africa, with a focus on strengthening the capacity of national agricultural research systems. GFAR and FARA aim to support the development of innovative and sustainable agricultural practices in Africa, and to ensure that African smallholder farmers have access to the knowledge, tools, and resources they need to improve their livelihoods and food security.

VIsit FARA's webpage.